Public Holidays in Australia 2024

Public Holidays in Australia 2024

1. Overview of Public Holidays

Get acquainted with the public holidays observed in Australia in 2024, including national holidays and state-specific celebrations.

2. Australia Day

Learn about the significance of Australia Day on January 26th, commemorating the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788 and celebrating Australian identity and diversity.

3. Anzac Day

Discover the solemn significance of Anzac Day on April 25th, honoring the sacrifices of Australian and New Zealand servicemen and women in conflicts worldwide.

4. Queen's Birthday

Explore the celebration of the Queen's Birthday, observed on different dates across Australian states and territories in June, and enjoy festivities ranging from parades to fireworks.

5. Christmas and New Year

Experience the joy of Christmas and New Year celebrations in Australia, with festive traditions, summer barbecues, and spectacular fireworks displays.

6. Labour Day and Easter

Learn about Labour Day celebrations in various states and territories, as well as the significance of Easter holidays, marked by religious observances and family gatherings.

7. Indigenous Celebrations

Discover Indigenous cultural celebrations such as NAIDOC Week and Sorry Day, highlighting the rich heritage and contributions of Australia's First Nations peoples.